Update with limit changes

The last major update has been running very smoothly, this is the first patch since!

Max request size limit increased

After feedback from the community I’ve increased the maximum allowed request size from 1MB to 3MB. I will monitor the servers and make sure this works fine. Maybe it’s possible to increase it further.

Max query string length increase

After the last update, when I updated the IIS server the default max request string url length was lower then previous. Thanks Liz who noticed this. I’ve not set the max size to 65kb.

Max free calls per day decreased

When I looked at the call statistics it didn’t make much sense to offer 5000 free calls per day. Most people aren’t even close to this, by lowering it to 1000 calls per day only a few will be affected, but most will not notice anything. This is also motivated by looking on competitors free limits and 1000 calls per day is still very generous. Let me know if you have any questions about this.


Besides fixing some typos (thanks to everyone who reported) I’ve made it so you can’t publish untrained classifiers and fixed a so the front page buttons work better on small displays. I’ll also unpublished previous classifiers that are untrained and published.


I am extremely happy with the performance of the new Sentiment classifier. It uses a new version of the classifier that looks at combinations of words among other things. Tests show that this type of classifier improves the performance of all tested data sets, therefore I am trying to figure out how to use it for all new classifiers, but it does require some work.

Let me know if you have any questions.