UrlAi.com – who are you?


We have created a new service called UrlAi.com, the basic concept is to run blog posts through a bunch of classifiers over time. To begin with we use Gender, Age, Mood and Tonality but the system is dynamic so we can add new classifiers at any time. If you have created a classifier that would fit on urlai.com let us know!

Some ideas

We have many ideas of how we can develop this project further, for example, now we are only showing a summary pie chart, it would be nice to see posts over time. User feedback for online training and classifier improvement may be possible. Another thing we could do is to have classified posts searchable, for example, enabling users to see the mood of everyone who mentioned ‘Avatar’.

Some kudos

Just want to thank the people that has been involved in this project, Roger Karlsson for coding, Johanna Forsman for the awesome logo and Mattias Östmar for sharing his Tonality and Mood classifiers. Mattias has also contributed with many ideas around this, being the idea fountain he is 😀

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