Sites using uClassify

I’ve started to list sites that are using uClassify, I’ll update this list every now and then. Please comment if your site is missing.


Classifies blogs on gender, age, mood and tonality. Blogs are followed over time to give more accurate results.


TrollGuard is a free WordPress plugin that protects your blog from spam comments.


This innovative site finds out the blog author personality, using a psychological text analysis. Check it out!


This neat web site figures out if a blog is written by a man or woman, using the uclassify web service.


Tries to guess the author age from reading a blog.


See what classical author your text is most alike, perhaps it can be used to help write texts in e.g. Shakespearian style! It hightlights words and sentances that are characteristic for the author.


URL Profiler

A powerful tool for SEOs to quickly audit links, content & social data.

The News Marketplace

The News Marketplace gathers the latest and most popular news stories from the top Maltese news sites and automatically categorizes and rates each article on its semantic.

EpiSPIDER AI Mashup 2.0

EpiSPIDER is a tool that demonstrates connectivity between “consumers”, “producers” and “transformers” of data within an emerging information and knowledge architecture.

Tries to guess an authors gender, for spanish texts.

Are you writing like Fidel or like Franco? For texts in spanish.

Tries to guess left/right wing alignment for spanish texts.

Trve vs Emo

Are text more aligned aginst black metal bands, such as Mayhem, Burzum and Darkthrone or emo bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall out boy.

MDG Actors

Highlights the people that are making a big difference and call out the people that aren’t for reaching the Millennium Development Goals? Not sure if this site is still working.

Tests texts against the major political parties in Sweden. Only for Swedish texts.

Swedish political blog posts are automatically sorted into subject.