TrollGuard – protects your blog from spam comments

Me and Roger have just finished TrollGuard – an anti-spam plugin to WordPress 2.7 or later.

The plugin is in Beta and we are aware of some lacking features – however we would greatly appreciate if someone out there wanted to do some testing for us and come back with feedback!

This has been a small sideproject we did during our Christmas holidays using the uClassify API. We think it’s really cool that in less than a week we were able to setup a new Akismet service. Previous uClassify web applications have mostly been for entertainment, this plugin will acctually do something helpful – protect blogs from spam comments.

We are also confident in the accuracy of TrollGuard as similar classification technology has been used in Cactus Spam Filter since 2004.

Well now it’s up to you to test it! What isn’t working? What features are missing? Let us know!

Check TrollGuard out!

6 thoughts on “TrollGuard – protects your blog from spam comments”

  1. I am running the beta on one of y sites and it looks and works great. I have already sent some feedback to the developers who got back to me the next day and promised a revised and improved version soon. Looking forward to that.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback Ovidiu!

      We are currently working on:
      1. Bug fix (counting of trained messages)
      2. Possibility to do initial training with already apporved and spam commments
      3. Possibility to reclassify all pending comments

      I’ll let you know when a new version is available. Don’t hesitate to get back with more comments!

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