What’s going on?

The last three weeks I’ve been doing some other things than working on uClassify.com. I really needed a break to regenerate some energy and inspiration. During this period I’ve been talking to Roger Karlsson about what we should develop next on uClassify.

uClassify HTML forms

We know that there are a lot of cool classifiers being built but not many of them finds their way to the public in a web application. We believe that the reason is the last barrier – using the API and to do that you need to write code. Our plan is to allow users who doesn’t have the time to learn and use the uClassify API, to simply copy and paste a HTML form snippet to any site.

We also want to publish some uClassify code libraries in different languages. One of our users, Alex Popescu, is currently implementing a Python library.


In the beginning of January we released TrollGuard, a free WordPress spam filter plugin that uses uclassify.com. So far we have not had many users but recently it was featured on KillerStartups.com and since then we have an increasing number of users.

A very big thank you to Pacuraru Ovidiu who has given incredibly good feedback which led to an upgrade. We are looking forward to receive more feedback from all of you as our goal is to make the best spam filter plugin.

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