Update: Thursday 14/5 May (read-only-mode)

Exciting times! I’ve decided to push the next update out on Thursday May the 14th (2015). Normally you won’t notice updates but this one is huge.

I’m migrating servers from old ‘Classic’ Amazon EC2 to their new cloudy thing. This will require a DNS update which takes time to propagate over internet before it’s completely done.

Read Only Mode during the transition

Since this also involves a database migration step, I will set the uClassify to ‘read-only’ until it’s done. This means that all the read calls (classify etc) should continue to work during the transition while write calls won’t go through (creating, training classifiers). You won’t be able to register as a new user during this time either. DNS updates usually takes about 48h.

What will be new

First, I’ve done extensive testing to make sure the API will behave exactly the same. If I have not missed anything your app will continue to work without any changes.

The major ‘visible’ changes are:

– A new responsive bootstrap UI (the vanilla theme, somehow cosmetics always ends up last on my prio lists 🙂

– To make it more secure the entire site will be in SSL (don’t worry all the API links without https:// will still work).

– It will be possible to sign in via Twitter, Facebook and Google.

– You can train classifiers by uploading files.

This is the first of a few major updates for uClassify, it doesn’t introduce much new cool fancy stuff but it’s a very important updates that paves the road for the stuff I actually want to add, such as an JSON api.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. (contact AT uclassify DOT com)