LibraryThing annouces uClassify competition

On LibraryThing you can add your own books to a personal library. By doing this you start to get recommendations from either other users who has read the same book or automatically by the system. There are also several forums where users can discuss books – just like a really really big book club. At the time I signed up there were over 34 million books added. I added a couple of books I have recently read and to my surprise all of them already existed in the system, even the Swedish ones. After adding them I was immediately getting lots of recommendations, such as “The Satanic Verses” and “Robot : mere machine to transcendent mind”. Really cool!

Now with all these books some kind of categorization could help.


LibraryThing are encouraging their users to create something cool with uClassify. The prize is $100 Amazon gift certificate and Toby Segaran’s “Programming Collective Intelligence”. LibraryThing also presents a couple of cool ideas which you can use such as fictional vs non-fiction. The competition ends on February 1 2009 so what are you waiting for?

Everybody can classify

Creating your own classifiers has never been easier, we have developed a Click’n’Classify Graphical User Interface (GUI). This means that you can manually create and train your classifiers without knowing any programming at all. This is very good way to test an idea, if the classifier works well – build your web site around it or use it for whatever purpose.

The GUI allows you to do everything that you can do via our Application Programming Interface (API). Also, just like phpMyAdmin shows the SQL queries our uClassify GUI will show the XML queries so you can easily understand and use the API from your site.


  • Create and remove classifiers
  • Add and remove classes
  • Train and untrain classes
  • See basic information about your classifiers

Screenshot – Create a classifier

This shows a screenshot of how it looks like when you are about to create a classifier, just log in and try it yourself!

Creating a classifier is easy

Screenshot – Training a classifier

Just copy and paste the texts you want to use as training data.

Training a classifier is easy

Happy classifying!