Trve or Emo?

Another interesting uClassify web application has seen the light, Trve VS Emo. It tests a site if it’s “True Black Metal” or “Emotional”. The author, Albert Örwall writes

To “train” the trve-classification I’ve used lyrics by norweigan black metal bands, such as Mayhem, Burzum and Darkthrone. The emo-classification is based on lyrics by emo bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall out boy…

I tested with a hard rock blog I found randomly, Hard Rock Hideout which proved to be 81% Trve (true black metal). I then tested with this blog which turned out to be 100% Emo 🙂

Is there any need for automatic music tagging?

This is really cool, another cool thing would be a classifier that has been trained on texts from all genres (hip-hop, country, soul etc), this would not only be a fun way to test your blog it could also be used for automatic lyric tagging (hence track and album tagging). Does anyone know if there is any need for such a web service?