Mood classifier is helping to save the world

Recently Team Curious created a really interesting website, MDGActors that uses a mix of APIs to recognize actors for the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). This is how they describe it:

“Tackling the toughest problems facing the world today is a big job. What if we could highlight the people that are making a big difference and call out the people that aren’t? We think that it would be inspiring—Umair Haque thinks it could change the world.” Read their complete manifesto

They scan relevant articles for personal names, and classifies sentences around it with the Mood classifier (created by Mattias). They call it ‘Empathize’ and describe it as:

“If an author voices particularly strong sentiment in a sentence, an icon is added next to the sentence to indicate that feeling. Phrases with hearts are usually about people doing good, and phrases with condescending frowns usually signal more controversial topics.”

I find the idea very interesting, being able to pinpoint heroes and anti-heroes for a good cause. Great work!

Another interesting application Team Curious are providing is their Spin, where you just enter any keyword and it will tell you the sentiment of the results.

Entering George Bush came back with 14 negative and 0 positive voices.

A negative voice about George Bush

Entering ‘Terminator Salvation‘ showed 2 negative and 11 positive voices.

A positive voice about Terminator Salvation

Their project is a part of the Microsofts Imagine Cup Competition, I really wish you guys the best of luck!!

What’s your mood?

Today, 2 months after our launch, our users have created over 200 classifiers. Most are unpublished and under construction. PRfekt, the team behind the popular Typealyzer, recently published a new classifier that determines the mood of a text – whether a text is happy or upset. You can try it for yourself here!

So lets test some snippets!

Jamis is (justly) upset and writes:

Is anyone else annoyed by the “just speak your choice” automation in so many telephone menus? I feel like an idiot mumbling “YES!” or “CHECK BALANCE!” into my phone. Maybe it’s the misanthrope in me coming to the front, but I’d much rather push buttons than talk to a pretend person.

The mood classifier says 98.1% upset.

Spam is no fun either, or as Ed-Anger notes:

“I’m madder than a rooster in an empty hen house at Internet spammers and I won’t take it anymore. Those creeps clutter up my e-mail with their junk, everything from penis enlargement pills to some lady telling me she’ll give me a million dollars if I’ll help her get her money out of Africa. “Rush me 10 grand quick as possible and we’ll get the whole thing started,” she says.”

The mood classifier says 97.0% upset.

Now over to some happy blogs, amour-amour has a confesion:

“I love my iphone in a way I never thought possible!! When my fiance got his and spent 23 hours gazing at it lovingly, uploading (or is it downloading??) apps and buying accessories for it I put it down to him just being a technology geek.”

The mood classifier says 79.8% happy.

Finally Nitwik Nastik comments a Rickey Gervais:

“This is a hilarious stand-up routine by British Comedian Ricky Gervais on Bible and Creationism. It’s really funny how he ridicules the creationist stories from the book of Genesis (the book of genesis can be found here)and point out to it’s obvious logical blunders. Sometimes it may be difficult to understand his accent and often he will make some funny comments under his breath, so try to listen carefully.”

The mood classifier says 69.7% happy.

The author recommends at least two hundred words (more text than my samples) which seems reasonable!