uClassify in the press

We’ve had hundred of thousands of mentions throughout the blogosphere and I’m really thankful for this!!! I’ll try to update this post as we go along. Please comment if you can help me with this list!

Here are some I remember/managed to find:


CNBC blogs about Mattias Östmars genial invention Typealyzer, 2008-03-25.

Business Week

Business Week writes about Typealyzer, 2009-03-22.

Din Side

Norweigan newspaper test author recognition with uClassify, 2009-03-04.

Technology Review

Article about uClassify (only in paper version), 2009-01-01. Germans really seem to be interested in this kind of stuff!


Article about uClassify, 2008-12-07.

Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly mentions Typealyzer, 2008-12-05.

Doc Searls

Doc Searls mentions Typealyzer, 2008-11-30.

German Daily Taz
Another Genderanalyzer interview, 2008-11-12.


Germanys biggest daily newspaper with a circulation of 450 000 copies. Genderanalyzer interview, 2008-11-10.


Genderanalyzer is featured 2008-11-03.