– Swedish political blogs classified on subject

Bloggitik, a new service in Swedish based on uClassify has been launched. It collects political blogs and automatically categorizes each post. This makes it easier for users to find among all the blogs. The people at has also made sure that the system learns as it’s being used, when a blog is classified into the wrong category, readers can correct this and the system will improve over time.

This is a really cool usage of our service and the best of luck!


Fidel or Franco?

Just wanted to share that another interesting uClassify application has been created. This application classifies Spanish web pages for Fidel or Franco alignment. (Note that the text has to be in Spanish to work properly).

Even though I think this page is intended for fun, I believe  that such classifiers can be used in commercial purposes. Imagine a political party that want to find bloggers that have a right or left wing alignment to help them drive their election. They could then run a huge number of blogs (collected from some data source) through the classifier and find those that they are looking for.

Good work! – is text left or right wing? (Swedish)

A new site called (only works for Swedish blogs/texts) using uClassify has spread through the Swedish blogosphere. The site takes a blog or text and tests it to see how it resembles to the major Swedish political parties.

Mattias Aspelund from created this classifier using 100 tagged blogs from each party. The site was created within 24 hours and had more than 1000 requests on the first day.

We think it’s very exciting to see how quickly people can build cool applications around uClassify. Self test sites seems to be very popular for bloggers, for example went from 0 to Google Page Rank 6 in just three months.

I know there are more applications being built right now, looking forward to see those in action!