Buzz & Development

Yesterday we were mentioned on ReadWriteWeb which generated a lot of visits and more importantly – classifiers. 30 new classifiers were created within a time period of 10 hours, even though many are just created out of curiosity to quickly test the system – some will hopefully mature and have web applications built around it.

What’s going on techwise

As you have noticed we are continuously improving our system by carefully adding new features. The following tasks are planned for the GUI

We are soon installing a new more flexible menu system.

Users will be able to create profiles with descriptions and links. Also classifiers should be able to have a link to the web site it’s implemented.

Better information about training – right now there is no feedback on how much training has been done or is required. We want to give users an idea of how the training data performs.

What’s going on commercialwise

Everything is free on uClassify and that is how it will stay.

Our commercial idea is to offer companies the possibility to buy their own classification servers. For large databases with texts that needs to be classified it’s intractable to send every text for a roundtrip to Instead companies could be interested in doing this efficiently locally. A products page with server information will appear soon.