Radian6 uses uClassify for spam filtering

Radian6 – social media monitoring

In November 2008 I was contacted by Chris Newton, CTO at Radian6, he was curious if uClassify could help him to filter out spam blogs (splogs). I suggested that we tested it over our web API, and soon enough we had set up a spam classifier. After months of running their system against our web API, radian6 were pleased with the evaluation. To meet their high demands they purchased an own uClassify server. Today they monitor more than 10 million blog posts daily. Each post is run through the uClassify server to filter out spam.


“Radian6’s software platform tracks mentions across over 150 million social media sites and sources.”

About uClassify

uClassify can either be used via our free web API or by installing an own local server. For most users the web API is enough as it’s free and has a generous license (you are allowed to use it for commercial use just remember to link back). For developers that want to process large volumes of documents the web API may not be enough, then it’s possible to purchase a very own uClassify server that can be installed locally.