New xml text element

Our XML API has been around since the release of uClassify back in 2008. It’s very flexible and powerful. Previously, to avoid breaking the XML all texts passed needed to be base64 encoded in the <textBase64> element. With this release we introduce the element <text> that doesn’t require base64 encoding. The <textBase64> is of course still supported.

The new <text> element can take plain text. This saves some bandwidth, performance and makes it easier to use. The string needs to be XML encoded so it doesn’t break the XML. Most languages have support functions for this, look for “escape XML” or similar. Basically it replaces 5 characters (<,>,&,’ and “) with their encoding (&lt; etc.).

<text>I love new features &amp; would like to see more in the future</text>


The new <text> element makes the implementation of our next big feature easier… 😉