Keywords API

With the keywords API you can extract relevant/discriminating words from texts, this opens up a lot of possibilities for developers. Keywords can be used to for tag clouds and answer questions such as why a text is classified into a class. Compared to ordinary tag clouds they bring an extra angle as they are not the overall keywords but only for a certain genre. For example you can find out what parts of a text makes it manly using the gender classifier at the same time running it through the mood classifier and finding out keywords that indicate happy parts.

After having tested the keyword API for a while I’ve just made it public in the XML API now. It works exactly like the classify API but  you will get back a list of keywords for each class as well.

In short this is how a call can look:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<uclassify xmlns="" version="1.01">
    <textBase64 id="UnknownText1">bm93IHNvbWV0aW1lcyBpIHdvbmRlciB3aGF0</textBase64>
  <readCalls readApiKey="YOUR_READ_API_KEY_HERE">
    <classifyKeywords id="ClassifyKeywords" classifierName="MySpamClassifier" textId="UnknownText1"/>

Example response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<uclassify xmlns="" version="1.01">
  <status success="true" statusCode="2000"/>
    <classifyKeywords id="ClassifyKeywords">
      <classification textCoverage="0.96">
        <class className="Legitimate" p="0.12"/>
        <class className="Spam" p="0.88"/>
        <class className="Legitimate">uclassify jon computer urlai</class>
        <class className="Spam">viagra cheap pills</class>

More info is available in the XML API documentation.

Happy new years!