API change: Moved textCoverage into ApiVersion 1.01

The last release of the API introduced a new feature called textCoverage. This release was a bit premature and supposed to go into the API version 1.01 in order not to break any of our users response parsers.

If you have not changed anything in your parser during the last couple of days this should not affect you. If anyone was quick enough to start using the textCoverage under version ‘1.00’ this change means that it will disappear from the responses and then you need to bump the version to 1.01. I am really sorry about that.

Bumping xml version

For xml just chage the version number from ‘1.00’ to ‘1.01’: <uclassify xmlns=”http://api.uclassify.com/1/RequestSchema” version=”1.01“>

Bumping the url API version

Here you need to add a new paramter, ‘version’ and set it to the version: http://uclassify.com/browse/uClassify/Text Language/ClassifyUrl?readkey=YOUR_READ_API_KEY_HERE&url=http%3a%2f%2fblog.uclassify.com&version=1.01

You can read more about version handling here.

I am really sorry for any disturbance this may have caused. Let me know if you need any support with this.